We Help Writers Turn Their Talent into a Career

Most writers are too busy writing to ever get success

The exact moment I got success was...?

...when I started delivering stories that were not just good, they were perfect. Not only that, I knew why they were perfect. Truth is, the industry is desperate for fine, well-told stories.

It's obvious really. Without a story, what do we have? Nothing! If you have a great story, and tell it well, you have a career foundation. Then, if you market yourself and your story professionally, wow. Suddenly. The industry. Wants. You.

Here is Your Plan...

1. Learn Story Theory

Learn how stories work, so you can turn your good story into an absolute winner and become the story consultant on every project.

1. Learn Story Development

To take charge in meetings, solve story problems with knowledge, become productive and authoritative through the Story Development process.

3. Learn


You HAVE to do some marketing. It's just not optional! The great news is, the way I teach it is simple, life-changing and surprisingly fascinating!

4. Live Story Development

Money where mouth is. Gain access to film and book story development projects, from the seed of an idea to the bookshelves and silver screen.

And much, much more...

Famous writer interviews and advice, also agents, producers, directors...; live webinars; Q&A with experts; tips and tricks; pitch decks; real-time story development; a writer community and forum; beta readers...

Right: David speaking at the London Screenwriters' Festival.

Note David has been paid more than £1500 a time to deliver these video seminars in person.

Or else, what..?!

Or else fine! Just have writing as a hobby. But if you and I meet in five years time, and you hate your office job, you can't complain about what could have been, OK?! Because understanding how you can turn pro is right here for you now. The choice is yours... and regret is a terrible thing.

So what if I DO join up..? Who says it works?

Kerri Cuevas

Author: Deadly Kisses

"Receiving a publishing deal was a dream turned reality. In my acknowledgement page is written: David Baboulene: I did it, and you are a heck of a teacher!"

Gillan Williams

Producer: Hosts (2020), Exit Plan (2016), Feed Me (2022)

"David Baboulene’s insights into storytelling have been hugely helpful to our production. His in-depth understanding of plot, character motivation, and his theory of the ‘knowledge gap’ are both illuminating and valuable."

Ray C. Doyle

Author: Lara's Secret

"David has a unique approach to writing that includes the vital ingredient – marketing. Gone is the traditional do-it-yourself attitude. David shows you how to be complete, step-by-step, from the outset. I now have a contract for a thriller trilogy. Success is unlocked when David turns the key."

Mark Halliley

Scriptwriter: Hello Joe

"We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of Hallo Joe to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production”

Kris Mole

Author: Gatecrashing Europe

"David's knowledge can benefit every writer on the planet. Once you have learnt David's revolutionary approach, you will find the proof of it in every single story you ever hear, read or watch, ever again, and you will never write in quite the same way again. David’s discoveries are a game changer for writers."

Carolyn Goodyear:

Multi-Award Winning Scriptwriter

"David’s love and understanding of story has elevated many of my scripts which have subsequently gone on to be produced and win awards. He’s a fantastic story consultant – encouraging and full of good ideas.

I can’t imagine ever writing a script without asking David to read it."

"David Baboulene is a genius!"

Marc Zammit: Writer/Producer/Director

"David is The Story Ninja!"

Nick Wild:


"David is The New Aristotle."

Craig Hinde:



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If you are not completely delighted within 14 days, I will give you all your money back. No nonsense. No quibbles. No question. I want to make contacts and find stories here much more than I want to make money!

Hannah Stevenson: Producer: Eaten by Lions (2018)

"The insight that David brought to our project was invaluable. David was able to turn our script that was a compelling story attracting initial interest into a page turner of a screenplay. He is creatively inspiring while maintaining a kind, collaborative humility that should not be underestimated. Thank you so much David."

Rupert Ratcliffe: Writer/Director: Can I Help? (2022)

"David read my script and immediately understood what I was trying - but not quite managing - to do. He provided the key to unlock my story and fully realise its potential.

I highly recommend his services."

"Stop Press, my script and film has been financed!."

Steve Askham: Author: Life's a Peach! (2022)

"Meeting David was an epiphany for me. It did take me a month or two to fully grasp his advice, but when it did sink in and I started to write again, I just felt so much freer and infinitely more creative.

My book is now complete, and I am so, so proud of it. I am now sitting here looking at two contracts to publish."

Rachna Malkani: Author of Conscious Autism Parenting

"David has been God sent for me. His analytical skills during our conversations helped me find clarity and direction beyond my own belief and expectation. His sincerity towards your success is beyond anything I have ever come across in this industry. He is all about you and your purpose."

Stephen Whiteside: Author: Snow, Fire and Gold.

"I think it is fair to say your seminars have been a revelation to me. I decided to write my book again starting from scratch, using the ideas in your videos. The book came easily and it works. The main point in writing to you now is simply to say thank you, and to let you know how useful I found your teaching.”

Sebastien Leclercq: Marketing Client

“I worked for weeks and months trying to get my message across… then David got involved and suddenly the magic happens. David, you have changed my world. All I can say is: 'Thank you'.”

Ellie ter Haar: Marketing Client

“I LOVED working with David! He’s a true wordsmith - witty, articulate and with a generous heart. David understands that words do not only inform but transform the reader and he uses his skill with utmost precision. I will always be grateful to you, David.”

Purchase the Omnibus Edition with the full set of Masterclasses and join my Writers' Inner Circle

for £299 for LIFETIME Membership.

OR pay just £99 for an annual subscription.